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Betty G. Miller – Memorial


A memorial program was held for Betty on December 7, 2014 in the Washburn Arts Building at Gallaudet University. Because Betty’s friends, fans and supporters are spread out all over the world, and many couldn’t make it, from the beginning we planned to put everything online. Many of the presenters couldn’t come, either, so they either wrote a piece which the emcee interpreted into ASL, or they sent a video.

Below are links to the video of the program (coming), the original written text from some of the presenters, and the videos that were sent in for the program. The closing video is a touching poem by Karen Christie, signed by Dorothy Wilkins. Two additional links are for things planned for the event, but didn’t work out: 1) a short video by David Call, and 2) a slideshow of photos and video clips that I worked on for weeks, and couldn’t finish– Betty had such a wide life! I’m posting that in two sections because I’m still working on it (Dec. 2014).

Thank you to all of the people who made the memorial a true celebration of Betty’s life. It was a powerful and deeply satisfying remembrance of, and farewell to, Betty.

You are welcome to share other stories about Betty in the comments of this blog, or let me know about videos and write ups and I will link to them. — Nancy C.

Planners and Supporters:

Nancy Creighton, Jan DeLap, Barbara Kannapell, David Nelson, Eileen Paul, Cynthia Roy, and Tracey Salaway.

Presenters (in order of appearance):

Jan DeLap, emcee; Barbara Kannapell; Debbie Sonnenstrahl Blumenson, text; Bridget Klein, video; Tracey Salaway; Lidia Añorga, text; Judy Nelson; Patti Durr; Bill McCrone, text; Ellen Mansfield, video; Ann Silver, text; Carolyn Brick; Hinda Kasher, video; Judith Treesberg, text; Steve Shevlin; Nancy Rourke, video; Nancy Bloch and Jerry Nelson, text; Nancy Creighton; Karen Christie and Dorothy Wilkins, video.


Patty Moers-Patterson, Brent Bocian, Mike DeMeo, Corrie Pond.

Student Assistants:

Jairo Eli de Leon, Caitlin Panning, Henry Tsung-Han Tsai

• • • • Additional Links • • • •

Film of the Memorial Program

Video Memorials

Written Memorials

Slideshow of Betty’s life, part 1

David Call – video

Betty’s obituary (2012)

• • • • After the Program • • • •

One of our friends, Larry Brick, attended the memorial. He had recently read more deeply about the 1880 Milan Conference that mandated oral education for deaf children worldwide. The timing of these two events, so close together, inspired him to write a poem in honor of Betty.

The Oral Holocaust of the Deaf Community and Deaf Children:
A Tribute to Betty G. Miller


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