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One year anniversary of… my fall

April 2, 2015

Nancy in hosptial bed, Patient is deaf" sign above her head.

In the hospital one year ago.

I just came in from walking my dog, Tucker. A year ago, I took him out, drove to one of our places to walk, and just after letting him out of the car, I fell. It was just before 8 pm, and getting dark. I was very lucky that a kind stranger driving by noticed me lying on the sidewalk– I was only there for a few minutes. He helped me up and half-walked, half-carried me the few steps to my car, but the pain was too much, I couldn’t stand or walk on it. He called my brother for me, and Dick arrived and called 911, and one of my best friends, Judy, a “sister by choice.” Judy tells me that when the paramedics moved me off the gurney onto the bed at the hospital, I screamed. I had no idea I was making any sound, but she said she’ll never forget it. A day and a half later I had surgery to replace my broken hip. It was a partial replacement– I still have all of my pelvic bone, only the head of the femur was replaced.

The true loss of this fall was the loss of my independence. I was lucky to have my brother living with me, able and willing to take care of me. In the beginning he had to do all of my shopping, my laundry, help me get out of bed the days it hurt too much to move, and drive me everywhere. Recovery has been a long, hard road. Even with excellent physical therapy (thanks, Joe and Yoni!) I’m not walking like I used to.

I limp, I take Aleve, I use a cane. But I also walk my dog, do my own shopping and laundry, drive. I’ve got about 99.99% of my independence back– I still ask Dick to bring in the bags full of food after I’ve gone shopping.


I’ve been busy the past few months. I posted a lot of the sharing from Betty’s memorial before diving into other work. But not everything. The hangup? Accessibility. In the slideshow I prepared, there’s a video of Betty talking about one of her paintings. I tried to caption it, but kept running into technical problems. Though I’m pretty good at teaching myself new things, I had to stop working on this to work on a paying project, and haven’t yet had a chance to go back to it. I will soon, and then I’ll announce it. In the meantime, you can see what’s available on the link at the top right of these pages, “Betty G. Miller – Memorial.”

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