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Postponed! Betty G. Miller’s Memorial

April 10, 2014

The Universe has Spoken, Betty’s Memorial Must be Postponed

Calendar graphic for 4/12/14

Postponement from April 12th.

Well, it’s official. It is with great reluctance that I am canceling the memorial program celebrating Betty G. Miller’s life on Saturday, April 12, 2014. We will plan it again, but haven’t yet settled on a date or place.

On Wednesday last week (April 2nd), I went to take our dog, Tucker, out for a walk. It was getting dark by the time we got outside, almost 8 pm. I parked on one of our favorite streets, went to shut Tuckers door after he bounded out, and turned and fell. Straight over sideways, in a cartoon kind of way— didn’t bend anywhere just straight line clunk, hard on the pavement, on the widest part of my body. I felt I could see it while it was happening, and I remember thinking “Oh, s~!t” as I was going down. What’s amazing is that I didn’t also hurt my shoulder, elbow or wrist; knee or ankle; my head or face. Only my hip.

At the hospital I found out that I had broken my hip and needed a partial replacement.

But Betty’s memorial program was in less than two weeks! Presenters have been working on their pieces, either video, in person, or through Jan DeLap, our emcee, interpreting into ASL from their written English. Betty’s niece was flying up from New Orleans. Tracey Salaway, curator for the art show where the memorial was being held, took time out of her art show duties to assist in the event preparation, and helping with a video of Betty to be shown. Sister-by-choice was gifting us two nights at Kellogg Conference Center Hotel— there were too many people doing too many things to make this work.

I was determined to continue with plans. In a little over a week, I’d be well enough to have my friend drive me down, and I’d use a wheelchair while I was in DC. If that really became impossible, I’d make sure it continued, and I’d participate through online real-time services (Google Hangouts on Air). So I kept silent, let people continue to work on their presentations, waited until after my partial hip replacement surgery Friday morning to make a decision.

Even after the surgery, when I was recovering in the hospital and while being transferred to a rehab facility, I was determined that the “show would go on.” But so many small things started going wrong for so many people, that I finally accepted the message from the Universe, to cancel this Saturday’s memorial program. I can’t do it.

Not this week.

I’ve emailed the presenters and asked everyone who wasn’t yet finished to keep working. So we will pull something together.

In the meantime, please go see the art show. It’s a wonderful show filled with art from a wide variety of artists working in the Deaf View / Image Art (De’VIA) genre . The reception is this afternoon from 4-6:30 at the Washburn Art Building. The show will be open this weekend from 11 AM to 4 PM both Saturday and Sunday; the show closes on Monday, April 14th at 4 PM.

More shall be revealed…….

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