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I’m not sure what to call today

July 27, 2013

Today would have been Betty’s 79th birthday

What do I call this? The 79th anniversary of her birth? Isn’t that what a birthday is anyway? All you writer and librarian friends out there can let me know. 

photo of Ellen Mansfield, one of the Deaf artists going to Russia.

Ellen Mansfield making an announcement about USA deaf artists.

It’s a difficult day, because I miss her. But I’m working at carrying on. One of the things I did to honor her today was donate money to send Deaf artists to Russia. They’ve been invited by the Russian Federation of the Deaf to participate in an international art exhibition, “The World is Heard by the Soul.” They have until August 15th to complete the fundraising, so please help if you can. Their page on GoFundMe includes information, a video, and photos of some of the art work they will exhibit,, so go take a look.

Photo of Nancy Creighton on July 27, 2013

Me on the first birthday without Betty.

I took our dog, Tucker, for a walk, but it was hot and he wouldn’t cooperate, and I couldn’t get a good picture of us. So I took a photo of me at home. Just as a way of marking the passing of time. I’m very slowly getting to the point of smiling at the memories, and not crying as much for my loss. It’ll take a while longer, but I know Betty would want me to make the best of the time I have on this earth without her. I’m so grateful that she shared her life with me, it’s made me a better person.

I’m also cleaning out my mailing list and will start sending out occasional newsletters again. I sent out an email last night, and 51 of you have changed your email address. If you didn’t get last night’s message, and want to get future ones, you can use the sign-up link on this page, upper right, that reads “Subscribe to Purple Swirl Arts by Email.”

Thank you all for your support and love through the years. — Nancy C.


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