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A genuine spork

October 5, 2010

Titanium spork at ThinkGeek

Titanium spork at ThinkGeek

I’m a real, true, genuine spork. “Huh?,” you say. A spork — one thing that does two jobs, i.e., a spoon and a fork merged as one utensile. [Here’s a titanium one from ThinkGeek.] I recently read this in a post:

If someone professes to be a designer and also offers to edit the book, question whether this person is a competent book designer (not all design is the same) or editor. Many of these sporked designer/editors will produce a finished-looking, laid-out product that in all ways resembles a book, but have not edited the book as an editor would (i.e., thoroughly considered the organization of the content, checked for consistency across chapters, ensured clarity and a targeted message to an audience, etc.) or designed the book as a book designer would (i.e., made the interior and exterior design appropriate for the genre, used technologies that will be eye catching from a bookstore shelf, etc.).
Avoid the Spork,

Maybe it’s because the deaf community is small, and money is scarce in the non-profit world, so one person has to do more. Or maybe it’s because I have a tiny touch of ADD in my DNA and get bored easily. Or maybe I’m just a “modern-day Renaissance woman” or a Jane-of-all-Trades. Whatever the reason, I am a genuine spork.

It is true that I’m not the best writer in the world, or even in the deaf world. Nor am I the best designer. But I’m good. And I’m good at both. I’m probably better at editing and writing than I am at art and design, simply because it comes more easily to me. Being contrarian, I prefer doing art and design. Such is life!

Book, magazine and newsletter production– writing, editing, design and layout– is the ideal profession for me, and I’m glad I lucked into it.

What about you? Are you a genuine spork?

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