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What we do for love

April 28, 2010

Photo of Tippy Creighton-Miller taken in 1998

Tippy, an old photo cuz she\’s a camera-shy cat.

It’s always the small things that show real love. Betty and I currently have two cats and one dog, all wonderful members of our family. Tippy is the oldest at nearly 14, and I remember when Betty picked her out at the shelter in DC– one of my random thoughts was, “she won’t match anything in the house.” Not that it was important, just something I noticed. Over the years more of the house has grown to match more of Tippy, though.

The other day, Betty went into the art studio to paint, and saw Tippy lying there in the afternoon sun that was coming through the windows. The calico lifted her head, and looked at Betty through slitted eyes, looking to see if she had to move. Once Betty saw that, she carefully walked away, backing out of the studio, and came to see me in my office next door. I laughed at B’s story, and I understood. It was love that said, “I can always paint another time.”

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  1. -oo- permalink
    May 16, 2010 10:42 pm

    LOL! Yup! That’s love! Or at least that’s one of the many definitions of love out there!

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