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Clerc Scar and Wordgathering articles

September 30, 2009

Betty G. Miller's painting of a woman signing "birth."

Betty G. Miller's painting of a woman signing "birth."

There are two postings to share with you. First, In August, Patti Durr featured a painting by Betty G. Miller in an article she wrote for Clerc Scar, an “email publication of the signing community.” From the same people [John Lee Clark (ASL Deaf-Blind 2nd generation) & Adrean Clark (ASL Deaf)] who produced the popular “Tactile Mind Weekly,” Clerc Scar publishes essays, poetry, fiction, and artwork that, as we sign it in ASL slang, “scar” your minds! Instead of multiple pieces in one long email message, each item appears in its own email message, allowing you to keep, delete, and forward exactly what you want to keep, delete, or forward. Everything is archived online as well.

Thanks to those archives, you can read Patti’s article about “Birth of a Deaf Woman,” the painting she bought last fall at the art show at NTID. Patti Durr teaches in the Department of Cultural and Creative Studies at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

If you’re not yet getting Clerc Scar in your inbox, just send an email to with the message “Subscribe me.”

Here’s the link to the article:

wordgathering blossom

"Blossom" shows the sign for blossom intertwined with a growing flower.

The second article is one I wrote for Wordgathering, an online journal of disability poetry. I’m not sure who followed whom first, but Michael Northen, editor of Wordgathering, and I developed a relationship on Twitter. Michael told me that they’ve begun covering visual arts as well, and asked that I write an article about Betty’s work. I did, and it’s online:

Also in this issue, under “Essays” is work from two other deaf people: “Letter to Sean Penn” by Raymond Luczak, and “Response to Dialogue on Disability” by Curtis Robbins.

Hope you enjoy these articles, and I look forward to any comments you have on them.

Nancy Creighton  @purpleswirl

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