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New! Flip Mino Camcorders with Betty’s popular Hand & Heart design

December 6, 2008


The Flip Mino camcorder with Bettigee's Heart & Hand design

The Flip Mino camcorder with Bettigee's Heart & Hand design

Looking for a special gift for someone special? This is unique and functional– a camcorder with Betty’s popular hand & heart design. The Flip Mino camcorder is one of the new wave of cheap camcorders– simple to use, keep in your pocket or purse. Don’t expect $600 functionality from a $230 camera, but for ease of use and convenience, it can’t be beat. 

The HD version sells for $229.99 and the standard version for $179.99. I found a youtube video where a Wall Street Journal reporter tested the Flip Mino HD. Naturally, I’ve no idea what she SAYS, but the video is short and clear and gives a good idea of what to expect. You can find that here:

The camcorder is less than 4″ high and 2″ wide and weighs 3.3 oz; the HD version holds 60 minutes of HD-quality video on 4GB of built-in memory. The product page has full specifications available. 

One of the drawbacks of all lower-priced video cameras is that that they don’t have image stablization, so you’ll see shake in a hand-held camera. The Minos have a mount for attaching an optional tripod, and my favorite is the Gorillapod from one of my favorite stores, ThinkGeek:

The camcorders are listed in the store both under Bettigee Designs: Hand and Heart, and on the New Products page which is the one I’m giving you, below.

For a really outstanding gift that not many folks will have, you can’t go wrong with this camcorder!

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