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November 26, 2008

Without a doubt, the calendar has been the most popular item in our Cafepress online store. First published in 2004, this will be the last year for this particular calendar (we have some ideas for a new calendar next year). 

The 2009 calendar features a selection of paintings, which you can see in the photo. Some of these works were shown in Betty’s recent retrospective exhibit at the Dyer Gallery at NTID. One person we met there told me she keeps the calendar for years and puts her favorites on her office wall!

Each page measures 11″ w by 8.5″ h and when hung on the wall is a full 11″ w x 17″ h — so it makes an impact.


The calendar reminds me throughout the year what one person can do in times of adversity. Betty through her courage and work is my role model. 

Jane Norman, Ph.D.–
Professor, Communication Studies
Gallaudet University

Buy the calendar here.


2009 calendar pages   











3 new one-page calendars 


We’ve added two new one page calendars, what Cafepress calls “Calendar Prints.” The two new ones are “Ameslan Prohibited,” and “Mommy, I am Deaf!” They join “Trees,” one of my favorites. These year-at-a-glance pages are an economical alternative– especially if you’re giving a lot of presents. The high-quality calendars are printed on glossy paper and measure 11″ w by 17″ h.

See all 2009 calendars 


There’s a lot of adversity in the world today, and trouble sometimes overwhelms us. This weekend is our Thanksgiving holiday– a good opportunity to practice gratitude by focusing on what we have, and acknowledging that our troubles will pass. We wish you all a grateful Thanksgiving.

Warmly, Nancy and Betty


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