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First day at NTID

October 15, 2008

Betty and I traveled to Rochester, NY for events connected with Betty’s art show yesterday, October 14th. My head wanted to post my first travel blog yesterday, but my body and mind were too tired.

It’s been hectic getting here. I’m not a great traveler– I’m the kind of person who loses their ticket between showing someone at the airport gate and traveling 10 steps to the TSA counter. No, I didn’t really lose it, but there was a moment of panic. That kind of thing happens because I’m trying to handle my bags, see what I need to do next and when someone gives me back a paper I shove it in the nearest place without thinking about it. That’s the key, not thinking about it. Means I didn’t know which of the many pockets in my bags and on my person the tickets went into. This is the kind of day when Zen mindfulness is essential, and I’m not skilled in that!

I haven’t flown for awhile, and we were in a propeller plane! It was full, about 32 people. I drowsed most of the short flight from Philly to Rochester. Bob Baker met us at the baggage claim and drove us to the campus. Bob’s the director of the Dyer Arts Center, and the person who’s worked hard, along with Patti Durr, to get the show here.

[Note: Had to stop writing to get ready for the day, and that was nearly 12 hours ago. This is the kind of day I could use a pager. So many thoughts, so little time.]

Betty and Bob went to see the show while I got my laptop connected to the RIT wireless system. All the large canvases are in spaces where you can really see them– can step away and can come up close. And the gallery has a lot of glass walls and is across the hall from the Panara Theater, so people going by get to see artwork whether they want to or not. It’s a great setting!

I bought a cheap, $20 digital camera so I’d not have to carry around my heavy one. A lot of the pics are blurry– you have to listen for the beep to know that it’s in focus and I can’t feel that beep. But I got a half-decent picture of Betty with some of her father’s paintings. He’s never had a show that we can remember, and seeing his work in this environment made her miss him. It’s such a thrill to see so much of both Betty’s work and Ralph’s work together.

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