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De’VIA Creative Space at the NAD Conference

June 13, 2008

Betty got a request from Chuck Baird (CB) and Patti Durr for photos of several of her artworks to be part of a poster project for the De’VIA Creative Space that’s going to happen at the NAD Conference in New Orleans in July. So, I’m working on getting the photos with the proper dpi and size ready to send to Patti at RIT.

What’s De’VIA? Deaf View/Image Art, also known as De’VIA, is created when the artist intends to capture their deaf experience in their artwork– by sharing the beauty of American Sign Language (ASL), or showing the world how it feels to be deaf. Much of Betty’s work is De’VIA, not a lot of mine is, but I am a deaf artist. I just don’t choose to make a lot of art expressing my deaf experience (not yet anyway!) For more about De’VIA see

CB is going to guide folks– adults and children– in creating their own works of creative expression of their deaf experience, through hands-on visual art creation and ASL stories and poetry performances. The De’VIA Creative Space is going to be open for four days of the Conference, and the walls are going to be covered with posters. That’s why I’m pulling together Betty’s photos. It looks like it’s gonna be good, makes me wish I could go to the Conference this year.

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