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31 colors

June 1, 2008

A friend asked me if I could post all the t-shirt colors on Purple Swirl Arts’s Facebook page. I decided to do a screen grab of the color chart and put it together. The 31 colors of the unisex shirt in the Deaf Quotations line.

Of course it made me think of Baskin-Robbins since they started with 31 flavors 62 years ago! I just checked their site, and they now have over 1,000 according to the cool lineup of ice cream cones near the bottom of their homepage. My favorite, mint chocolate chip, wasn’t added until 1985? That doesn’t make sense, I was born in the mid-50s and had it as a child. Maybe we didn’t go to B-R.

Anyway…. the color chart here is just for the one shirt. Printfection has a lot of different styles too, such as ringers and camisoles, and each one has its own color chart, most of them don’t have as many choices, though. Each also has its own size chart, so do check the sizes of the styles you want to buy. I like the way they measure– they give you standard size equivalents, but they also give you the length and width when you put the shirt flat on the bed and measure it. This is a great way to see how closely it will match to the fit of your current favorite shirts.

To see all colors and styles, visit the site:

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