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Introducing Purple Swirl Arts Mini-mall

May 5, 2008

I have finally solved the technical problems I had with Dreamweaver (both hard drives failed last summer and fall, and while I had backups, there were still lots of problems getting everything back to work the way I wanted it), and have begun to update my site. I haven’t changed the homepage yet, but I’ve created the Mini-mall page.

Through the Mini-mall, folks can see what’s available and where to find it. Before, I used just one online store, Cafepress; now I’ve got three online stores (with 3 different designs), and one more on the way. Cafepress is still the main store because it’s a “department” store– it has the widest variety of items available. In addition, I’ve opened the Deaf Quotations store because it has a very large selection of t-shirts (31 colors in the basic shirt alone). Lulu is a self-publishing site for books. I experimented with a vegetarian/vegan cookbook I made for my friends. I’ve got another book in process and will publish that soon. Etsy is for original work, and that store is in the works, so I’ve linked to the homepage for now. 

I’ve also put links to Amazon for the books that we’ve worked on, or that Betty is mentioned in. I’ve more tweaking to do, but the page is usable right now. 

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