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Letting folks know

April 28, 2008

I’ve been working hard on creation! As a freelance designer (books and others) I’m between jobs right now, so I’ve been focusing on my artistic side and creating like mad. I’ve got some new things on my Cafepress site, I’m working on setting up Etsy which is where I can sell original artwork, both mine and Betty’s, and I’m working on a “birthday book” to sell through my Lulu site. 

sample shirt with Veditz quotationMy most recent work was setting up another online store: This came about because some friends of mine wanted the famous quote by George Veditz, “As long as there are Deaf people…” on shirts, specifically purple shirt for one person and an orange shirt for another. Well, my Cafepress store doesn’t offer purple or orange shirts. So, I did some research and decided to go with Printfection. 

I aim to please! Ended up doing 5 different font designs, 4 different colors, and putting them on all of the shirts that Printfection offers. So there’s over 300 products with just the one quotation on them. This means your shirt doesn’t have to look like your best friend’s– unless you want it to!

Now, in addition to finishing the projects I’ve started, I have to let folks know what I’ve been doing (i.e. the dreaded, scary word: marketing!). I have an ezine in process, and I’ve joined Facebook and am learning to use it. This blog is yet another way of reaching you to tell you what’s been going on, and what’s available for your shopping pleasure.


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